Ask Brenda!

I’ve secretly always wanted to be an advice columnist. I still love reading advice columns, and I read three or four a day. It’s amazing how many different perspectives there are on life, how many different problems people experience, how few core problems they boil down to, and how often the suggested resolution strategy is counselling.

So it is with GREAT delight and a sense of lifelong fulfillment that I open the first all-call for your geek-girl-fashion-advice problems and questions. Please please please tell me your fashion conundrum. Post a picture of your interview outfit and ask for feedback! Tell me about that fashion question that has always plagued you! Outline your uncertainty regarding what color socks to wear with navy slacks!

I’ll go through the questions, do any required research, and answer your question as best I can. You can comment on this post, or email me at . Let me know if you’d like me to keep your information confidential, and I’ll make sure you are, to the best of my ability.


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