Technical Priviledge

This was a thought-provoking article by an Asian male programmer about disparities in his experience learning programming, and those around him:

I sometimes wonder if I somehow missed this micro-inequity or if I never noticed it. I can’t think of many discouraging words I had to shrug off in my career.


Fashion engineering

Megan found a great article about Silicon Valley fashionistas. Go read it here:

I do love this portion:

“…dressing well (and talking about it) could help erode the stereotypes that repel some women from the technology field.”

The article also quotes Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, saying:

“‘My willingness to talk about it is because I believe the way we’ll get more people into computer science and ultimately more women into computer science is by making it really clear that you can be yourself and don’t need to give up parts of yourself to succeed,” she said. “You can be into fashion and you don’t have to be the pasty white programmer with a pocket protector staying up all night.”’

I’m surprised that several of the women say they wouldn’t be taken seriously if they dressed nicely. Do you (oh technical women), feel that’s the case? I feel like I’m not taken as seriously if I dress like a schlub… but are fellow programmers and management completely opposite audiences? What do you think?