Don’t Call Them Mommies

Liz Gumbinner over at Mom 101 has a hilarious analysis of her experience as a female tech editor at CES. She makes some excellent points about the experience of a woman in technology:

  • Do not ever throw your phone face down onto a pointed rock, ladies.
  • “You mean, if say…Mom is away on a business trip? Maybe at the CES Show at Las Vegas, while Dad is home with the kids?” At which point I realized that I had headed out of the house that morning, forgetting to take off my other six heads.
  • Women spend more on tech than men. They’re involved in 89% of the consumer electronic purchase decisions.
  • And finally:

  • It’s time to move on from 1954. If not for feminism or for social good, you need to do it for your own business.
  • I would agree with her that 99% of the time, gender isn’t a big issue in technology. But that remaining 1% can be hilarious, sad or both. Do you have a funny story about a time a guy assumed you couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t understand because of your gender?


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