Get the sock out of your pants

The 5 new skills every woman needs to succeed at work

CNN/Oprah had an interesting article today on 5 skills for women in the workplace. I’ve read a lot of these kind of articles, and know the litany pretty well. This one starts off with an old chestnut about how we, women, do a crappy job of negotiating salaries. (So true!) But then it took an interesting left turn with some gender-specific guidance about how to go about asking without sounding pushy. Better yet, they had actual scientific studies to back up their claims.

It was a good and rather empowering article.

So… what gender-specific skills do you think women need to be successful in a workplace?


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  1. Natalie
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 08:19:48

    The one thing the article doesn’t say is whether the “subjects” were all male or mixed (assuming those reviewing the videos were not all female). It would be interesting to note if there was a discrepancy in perception between males and females within the study.

    I remember when Carly Fiorina came to visit us at work. She’s intimidating for sure. I wouldn’t say she has a warm and inviting persona.

    As far as gender-specific skills, I think you need to learn how to set expectations and boundaries so that you are taken seriously and treated as a colleague and not as “that girl in the room” or, worse yet, “the cheerleader” of the team or “the lovely door greeter” at the conference. It’s letting someone know they’ve crossed a line with you without rubbing their noses in it.


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